Writing Archive #1 – Planetside

‘Going Planetside’ – an extended look at the online shooter for PC Gamer UK. Originally published August 2004

“We’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. We chased dropships across ice-worlds and fought a sci-fi siege in the depths of an alien dust-storm. We’ve bailed a jeep out of a dropship from three hundred metres up. We’ve seen attack ships on fire…” Nevermind the poetry – this is more like opera anyway, filled with vast scenes of conflict and fat men singing, well shooting anyway. Planetside is a huge, bewildering phenomenon and right at the heart of it are thousands of players, each one with a hundred thousand war stories to tell. For this transmission from the depths of cyberspace we join our intrepid combat reporters on the brink of an assault into the continent of Amerish, a ‘home’ continent of our very own Empire. For the Vanu Sovereignty, the mighty Empire the journalist corp serve, it is a matter of honour to hold on to these continents. The three islands are the places from which we can strike out and make headway into capturing the enemy continents, but today it is lost – the enemy overran it and now the capitol base must be reclaimed at all costs. In this perpetual war there is never a moment of rest, but for this evening’s struggle we have a finite goal: we get in, hit the enemy defences hard, and get back that nice purple colour, all over the world map…

While we wait for the rest of the team to log on we’re already heading up towards the vast glowing dome of the warpgate (an efficient means of transporting vehicles across continents) in our faithful Deliverer. This light APC is heavily armed with two turret-mounted machineguns. A solid piece of kit. On board is the core of our crack team, led by ‘Swiss’, our experienced commander. We have an infiltrator, wearing his stealth suit and armed with jamming grenades and a powerful pistol; we have our medic, who has now gained enough experience to pack some heavy weaponry, and we have the pilot, who is also a capable engineer. Everyone is nervous, slightly excited. It’s been a while since we played together and the tension is palpable.

On the other side of the gate Swiss chats with a local commander, who is one of the most experienced players in the game. He’s going to helping to direct the assault, using his command tools to gain a clear picture of how the overall attack is going, and helping to co-ordinate the various squads. Our own squad makes their first target a small tower – a spawn point that is currently captured by the enemy. As we roll out the gate’s defensive shield we see that the combat has already begun and, more importantly, back at base our air support has arrived and are spawning their vehicles. Chatting merrily, Swiss lays out some waypoints, the visual markers that will help the team to navigate to their objectives. He also writes ‘Kieron smells of wee’ on the in-game map for everyone in the squad to see. Why? Well because it’s funny. And it’s funny because it’s true.

Trading friendly insults, we skirt along a road, seeing a few friendly troops engage some far off vehicles. But that’s not our goal – we’re interested only in taking that tower. Our action will push back the enemy lines and allow our forces to engage in a pincer movement on the enemy positions. The map indicates a heavy storm is sweeping in from the west, which should make things a little more interesting.

The first taste of combat comes from our gunners, who spot some enemies skirting through the woods. Our big guns open up, noisily hurling bullets into the trees. The rogue infantry return fire with light arms and we run them down. Another supporting trooper hits us several times with a guided missiles, before he too is killed. The damage to the APC has to be repaired, and we stop while our engineer patches it up. But he’s in trouble – an enemy infiltrator, hidden by his Predator-style invisibility armour, kills the engineer and driver and immediately our team is stranded…

Leaping out of the APC, our own infiltrator uses his ‘darklight’ implant to track down and kill the enemy assassin. The team must now make their way on foot to the tower, while our engineer will respawn at a mobile base, set up by an allied squad, and make his way to the rendezvous.

But things take an turn for the worse – an enemy Reaver, the heaviest of the attack aircraft, has spotted our lone team and, seeing them as easy targets, begins to attack. We make for the shelter of the nearby woodland, taking a few injuries as the reaver finishes off the APC. Once undercover we patch up, watching the Reaver circle and trying not to give away our position, it’s only a matter of time before… he’s taken down by our own Air Cav. The boys come thundering over the hilltops and lock onto the enemy pilot. He tries to use his afterburner to escape, but is quickly tracked and destroyed. The pilot bails out and our own Reaver pilots ruthlessly gun him down.

Finally we’re onto the tower. A second squad is already trying to get inside, but they’re meeting some resistance. They’ve set up a mobile base outside, allowing us to respawn and rearm as we die, and ensuring that this will be a protracted fight for the tower. ‘Ain’t got time to bleed’, quips Kieron. ‘It’s do or die boy,’ says Tim. ‘Saddle up!’ The enemy defend ferociously – shotguns and plasma grenades felling the steady stream of attackers until eventually some MAX units arrive. These heavily armed suits of robot armour act as walking tanks, pushing the enemy back with endless streams of laserfire. Engineers and medics back them up, patching up the injured and laying down suppressing fire. We spot PC Format’s Adam Oxford on the opposing team and have a bit of a chat with him before his squad gives up and is whisked away to another continent.

Soon the enemy at the tower are neutralised, trapped and killed in their spawn tubes as a friendly hacker switches the control console to align with our Empire. On the map and the global chat we see that our other forces are making headway – the first two main bases are under hack, and they’ll soon belong to us. The commanders, whose skills mean they have a large array of tactical tools at their disposal, see that the enemy are massing at the next base on the lattice. They are being reinforced and will likely make a stand.

We decide to fall back, pulling out of the chaos of the siege to collect a second set of vehicles. This time we’re going to break up the squad a little to let people use their own vehicle skills. One of the pilots will take to the air to dogfight in the fast recon hovercraft, the Mosquito. The Reavers are long since dead and because our force is yet to capture a technology centre base, there are no ‘advanced’ vehicles to be had on this continent, and that includes the Reavers. Each of the bases provides an advantage the Empire that captures it – the very next base should open up that very set of options.

So the team is divided between two of the one-man Lightning tanks and a Harasser, the aptly named light attack buggy. ‘We’re with the Press corp,’ we tell a bewildered beginner. ‘We’re covering the whole event for the papers. Don’t worry, we’re experts at this kind of thing.’ Then, armed to the teeth, we tear crazily out the base, accidentally running over a friendly on the way out. ‘Sorry about that!’

The next quarter of an hour of combat is spent harrying the enemy lines, hunting for their mobile bases, working as unit to knock out incoming enemy vehicles and ruthlessly running down lone enemy soldiers. We spot a whole group of them come down in drop-pods, killing them as they land and, hopefully, disrupting whatever plan their dastardly squad leader was hatching. But soon the pendulum of battle swings back into the hands of the enemy. The concentration of force on this base has left another of our bases on the grid wide open and a couple of squads of enemy soldiers has made their move, hacking the adjoining base. The hack has spawned an LLU, one of many facets of the game dynamic that has been added in since its release. If the hacking team is able to take this glowing object to the correct terminal in a nearby base then the hack will be completed. Likewise if we stop it then the hack will fail. The various commanders bark their orders on the global command channel, directing air power to try and intercept the LLU, which will likely be transported in a vehicle to the target base. Knowing that air power will only be of limited use, we decide to move into intercept. Swiss drops some waypoints, making sure that we’ll move in to the flashing LLU marker on the map from different sides. Time is ticking and the LLU is on the move.

Our enemies aren’t stupid – they’ve got reavers to engage our limited air power and the LLU is being transported in a heavy tank. We spot them through a gap in the trees. Our Harrasser goes hurtling over the hilltop, plunging down in the enemy in a hail of bullets. It takes a direct hit and skids away into the trees. The driver manages to bail out, but the gunner is killed as a second shell comes howling in. The Lightning tanks engage, but they’re no match for the heavier battletanks. The first puts up a valiant fight, the second pulling our, heavily damaged, for repair.

Beaten, we’re soon on foot in torrential rain. And the mobile spawn point’s position has been compromised. To our horror, MAX units close in from all sides, guns blazing. We retreat, hurling the electro-bolts of the Lasher heavy assault rifle into their ranks. But it’s not enough. Our men go down, one after the next. Swiss is at a loss for words… we were so close. The LLU is lost, and so is the base.

‘What are we gonna do boss?’

‘Run away! Game over, man…’

We spawn back at the single captured base in time to hear more bad news: the ANT fuel truck that was to refuel our single remaining base was shot down on board the Galaxy-class dropship it was hitching a lift with. If the power runs out, the so do our guns and vehicles. Who else is running an ANT? One lone soldier, a commander who’s just joined the game. He’s out on his own. Can we get to him? We invite him to the squad.

We punch through the enemy lines at pace. A selection of vehicles heads out to meet the ANT, tanks, buggies, APCs. There’s a dropship on its way from HQ, but there’s not telling if he’ll make it in time. If the ANT doesn’t make it to the base within the next few minutes then we’ve had it. We arrive at the warpgate to find the ANT waiting inside the protective safe zone. A small group of enemies are there too – a couple of attack buggies waiting for the ANT to make its run for the base. We engage them at close range, guns blazing, and the ANT trundles on its way. What follows is a running battle, we fight off aircraft attacks, infantry and a second wave of vehicles. We die one by one, our vehicles exploding and plunging over cliffs. One by one we’re sent back to base, our hearts in our mouths. And through all of it the ANT travels slowly onwards, taking shots, getting weaker… Unable to do anything else, we watch the last few moments on the map. Can he really make it? Suddenly his map marker is moving fast – the Galaxy has arrived. Under heavy fire, the heroic dropship pilot has picked up our truck! We run out of the base to see it roar overhead, the ANT ejecting from the back. We run to activate the refuelling array. With seconds to spare the base is refuelled and we live to fight another battle. Praise be to the Gods of gaming.

And the local commander, who seems to have missed the point about drama, congratulates us in his normal surly way. ‘Well,’ he says. ‘It’s about bloody time.’

Jim Rossignol 2004

103 Responses to “Writing Archive #1 – Planetside”

  • StarRaven118 Says:

    Nice nice article

    Hook up in game with me. Im Empress of the NC =P

  • 6Deez9 Says:

    For all of the RPG junkies, how about a taste of full head to head PvP. No bots, no chasing rats and bunnies or waiting for the next sword to pop up for some massive xp. The action never ends (trust me, I play mostly during the graveyard shift) so grab your gear and bust a cap

    Your friendly neighborhood BFR buster,

  • Milspec Says:

    To really see what Planetside is about (without a gigabyte download) visit http://www.planetsidemovies.com. Look for the independently created Planetside Advertisement movie by MarcoPolo(something) for your warmup, then dive into the real action videos there. The Popular category should provide you with some jaw droppers, especially the BFR action videos done on the test server :)

  • Rei Says:

    Well written story. I only just logged off and now want to get back on and continue the battle at Ishundar. If you have ever wondered about this game, try it! Use the links posted previously to access Marcos sample video and the trial.

    One of the best things in this game is that you determine what you are, what you do. Everyone has a specialty of some sort. No one character can do EVERYTHING and it’s fun trying out everything to find what fits for you.

    My thing, I’m a Cloaker, an Infiltrator. I’m also a Combat Engineer, I roam the edges of the battlefield, invisible, planting mines and other booby traps. But my absolute favorite thing is to find an enemy Sniper, creep right up to him and take him out. Pistol, knife, grenade, explosives… these are all at my disposal to facilitate his disposal.

    StarRaven118, come back to us. You were the Vanu Empress first. ;)

    Phoenix Royal Guard, Emerald Server
    BR 21
    CR 5

  • Atomium Says:

    Nice story! I like that.
    You have to play Planetside to know why it is so fantastic!
    So try it out for the price of a few beers I say.

    Outfit Leader Dutch Rebellion
    Terran Republic (Werner)

  • zothike Says:

    This game is not dying the population is stable, many new players join but many old leave because the BFR introduction pretty ruin gameplay balance

    Tharsus/Zothike/Frangine TR WERNER

  • Lemartez Says:

    very good artcle i enjoyed even though im tr and your HEH… VS but i find very easy to get in a good fight even if im not with the main force because theres always a secondary planet to fight on and capture.

    br 20
    cr 3
    Fallen Sniping Hero of Death

  • Numenor Says:

    There are a few things the new payer should know. This is a massive world and there are strategic points where battles will occur. Until you play the game it will be hard to explain, but yes there are some areas that do not have combat. There are even some areas that have combat free zones. This is much different than CS. My recommendation is to make sure you have some transportation to get to and from the battle. ATV is good for the new player. Secondly, a really large part of this game is team play. Yes, you can solo if you like but once you are done with that take it to the next level and join an outfit. You will begin to enjoy the game even more. Third, when you start the game you will be at a low battle rank. There are virtual reality training centers. You will gain exp and battle rank just by trying the weapons and vehicles. Forth, make sure to use the map and “hot spots” to find battles. If you just try to walk or drive around, until you find the battle, you will be going on luck. This will quickly make it seem like there is no-one online. Once you get to the hotspots you will be able to re-spawn close by and get involve in a large scale battle. Once you figure out how to get to the hotspots you will only spend 2-3 min max, finding a good fight. And lastly, I just want to mention that there are all types of play environments – - indoor play, outdoor play, and even cave battles. I personally prefer to drive a tank but many people like the indoor/cave battles.
    Numenor – Emerald – Sons of Vanu

  • Ryan "Arcersam" Says:

    Also jumping on the “Amazing gamepley, not dying” bandwagon. This game keeps my attention even when I’m not playing it. I can be sitting at work, and trying to figure out new ways to use the Jackhammer (The New Conglomerate’s Primary Heavy Assault weapon), Or wonder just what went wrong or right at that base last night.

    This game is so enveloping that you really have to try it, and love it.

    You won’t regret it, especially since there are a hardcore dedicated group of players out there that just want to make sure YOU are up to speed on what to do. That’s right, planetside has people who are willing to make sure you’re ready to fight, and take you under their wings to get right into combat.

    BR14 CR2 NC markov
    BR18 CR2 TR emerald

  • David Acreman Says:

    A truly awesome game, I joined up easter sunday 2004 (Terran Republic forever – Victory is Our Tradition!), and have been playing ever since – nearly a year! Wow, where did that time go…well, i was having a lot of fun!

    It really is the scale of the game that gets you. The graphics are good but not HL or doom3, but its the fact that you can look off into the horizon of whatever landscape you’re fighting on today and see the awesome scenery and then GO over there and there will *still* be some of your mates (you get to know thousands of people) fighting the enemy there, Tanks and buggies and infantry and BFR’s (now balanced IMHO after many changes) all fighting the same war.

    You can stand in the courtyard of a base under the last stages of seige and know that a few metres under your feet an intense tunnel fight is taking place, tens and hundreds of soldiers from both sides sacrificing themselves again and again in a grinding battle of attrition – a desparate last stand for one side, one last push for the other.

    You can look up 400m into the air and see, way up in the clouds and nearly obscured by fog, the battle raging over your heads between bombers and fighters, and massed infantry hotdrops (think paratroopers but sci-fi) out of transport aircraft, and when aircraft get killed they fall almost gracefully, careering into the ground and exploding a short distance from you – unless you are particularly unlucky (hehe).

    You can look in the dark corners and generator rooms of the bases, and see (or rather not see) the silent war of sabotage and infiltration waged by the cloakers while other people walk past unaware.

    And then you can mess around with your best online mates at your sanctuary, running each other over with tanks, reading the squad leader’s inane (and often highly amusing) map scribbles and generally having a laugh.

    That is the scale of planetside.

    It really is awesome ot behold, great fun to take part in and something I will be part of for a long, long time to come.

    Terran Republic
    Elite Terran CALS Outfit
    Werner Server

    I’m off now cos i’ve talked myself into playing PlanetSide :D

  • TyboTR Says:

    Excellent piece.

    Goooo New Game Journalism!

    Look for me on Emerald-TR with KAAOS/Exxon-1.

  • GeneralXimus Says:

    “The enemies of the Terran Republic will tremble at the thundering approach of our warmachine. They will fall to their knees begging forgiveness when the wormhole is reopened and the Mother Republic returns to put her house in order. Loyalty until Death! Strength in Unity!”
    -Terran Republic

    These, were the first words i read about the Terran Republic, and words which shaped the future of my Planetside Gaming. This speech, is what convinced me to join The Terran Republic in Planetside almost exactly a year ago. When i first joined, i remember the first days of awe and shock. The scale of fighting within this game is enormous, almost impossible to describe (PC gamer did an amazing job of it). But i can assure you, with many others to agree, that the tension and atmosphere that is created in game is 10 times better than reading it. To explain this game, it MUST be played!

    Apart from the large scale battles, the sneaking into enemy bases to blow gens, and the huge air battles…and of course the mass infanty gal drops (theres tons more!) the squad and outfit play in this game is like no where else. Not one game ( i can think of) gives the team play and style that planetside has brought out. I have met some really great people (my outfit especially :D) just through team play. I feel that the team play that this game has, makes it 20 times better. Apart from the team play outfits bring you, it also brings the crazy side of the game! Such as trying to see how many flips a galaxy can do in the sanctuary lol,or finding small bugs in the game- that sort of thing!

    One experience, i will never forget was the last stand on ishundar(this is like my third week playing planetside) That day, things hadnt been going too well for the TR- we had lost all our continents, and our last stand was on a base on Ishundar called Marduk (sp?). This was the last strong hold the TR had outside the sanctuary. Both NC and VS at our doorstep. The fight, was valiant- hundreds of infantry charging up hills- trying to fight out way to freedom. Tanks rolling out of the Vechicle bays every second. One thing i would never forget, was the broadcast chat. Every minute someone would be motivating us to keep fighting and pushing. But as all battles when fighting two sides, we were outnumbered, and eventually lost. But that day was a true spark for me to stay in planetside. That battle had everything that planetside has to offer, teamplay, huge fights, both land and air, excitment, gen blowing and best of all Enjoyment!

    The scale of this game is unimaginable- you have to play it to beleive it. Few short stories, or a description of game playing just doesnt do it. I never regret buying or playing the game…i only regret not playing it more (school work, other stuff gets in the way :() If you think of buying this game- buy it! My days in this game are DEFINATLY not numbered, i still have a loong adventure to live :)

    Terran Republic
    Proud Outfit Leader of the Elite Terran CALS
    Werner Sever

    P.S Ignore any spelling or grammer errors (if any) i am too lazy to correct :D lol

  • Josh Lucas Says:

    This game is truly awesome. I started sometime in February 2004, and have just recently earned my 1 year service merit. Like Soulless said that time flew by because it’s so much fun. Even after playing for a year I still have a lot to learn because I get schooled a lot by the dozens of incredible players, a must have FPS IMO!

  • Hillfort Says:

    I’ve been playing since last May and Planetside is an awesome awesome game. (Awe is definately the right word to use about Planetside.)

    I’ve seen forty reavers flying overhead. I’ve been involved in a five Gal hotdrop to attack a base. I’ve been in a platoon that consisted of ten fully manned tanks, three people to each tank. I’ve been in deperate base defences and epic base assaults.

    I could go on and on and on and on.

    Yes Planetside is PvP, but the real difference is the cooperation of people into squads of ten, or platoons of multiple squads or Outfits (clans) of hundreds.

    If you’re wondering what PS is like, go on give it a go, and if you do and you see me wandering around, send me a /tell and I’ll help you out where I can.

    BR21 (Battlerank 21)
    CR2 (Command Rank 2)
    Outcasters Outfit,

  • Andy AKA Mastacheif Says:

    Fantastic review, captures the game perfectly.

    I have played planetside since release and it never gets boring you can find a battle at anytime 24 hours a day 365 days a year including Christmas day on the Werner server (european)

    After 18months+ of game play i have witnessed it all the arrival of new vehicles weapons continents (8km square maps btw).

    Regularly 170 online on each empire on each server remeber thats a possible 510+ on average the servers can handle many more this isnot Counterstrike.

    Nothing get better than the Moment my empire organised 20 galaxy Aircraft to raid a continent (each galaxy carry’s around 12 player and we rained 170 players on to the top of a base, this is the style of co-ordination and gameplay possible,

    Check out http://www.planetsidemovies.com

  • Tetryon Says:

    Quite an excellent piece! Lots of great indepth detail and I absolutely loved the commanders comment at the end of all the drama. No matter how great a visoin of teh game you can have, it all comes down to that one impatient guy =)
    Having been playing this game for over a year and a half I definetly think Planetside is far from dead. It’s true that Christmas saw a drop in players due to WOW, EQ2, and the introduction of the BFR menace, but in the end, many players have returned to wreak havoc once again. I truly think Planetside is one of teh few games with longevity. The only other games I have ever played for more than a year are Diablo2, and Starcraft, and I truly believe Planetside has them both beat from a fun factor!

    Tetryon, -Delta Triad- VS Emerald

  • OneStepAhed Says:

    Nothing can compare.
    Greatest game ever.
    Loyalty until death.

    BR20 OneStepAhed CR5
    Read The Fucking Manual 2005
    TR Werner

  • Panzykicker Says:

    Oy, I have had quite an interesting carrer with this game. I started in open beta and stayed for maybe about half a year then stopped because i started going to a college prep school (nooo time) Then started gaain for another half year then stopped for same reason. Now im back on my old char and having a blast!

    Dudes, come on, planetside is da bomb. Now i have a bit more time to play and omg all the other games ive tryed, including WoW dont compare. The amount of work put into perfecting and polishing this game is phenomenal. Seriously just try it out and get into a good outfit, cuz im playing in a good one with some great people,and TS (teamspeak) really ups the anty a bit. The community is so huge my outfit leader is British and there is also an australian guy there….AUSTRALIAN!!

    Private in the 105th Rangers Division AKA Bloodhawks
    Tr for teh win!

  • d'Artagnan Says:

    An excellent article; makes me think whistfully of the days when everything was all so new and shiny.

    But the beautiful thing about PlanetSide, which is what sets it apart from most games, is that once that initial awe has warn off there is so much to do & experience in the game. Sure it hasn’t all been smooth sailing; I for one, wish I’d never experienced being insta-gibbed but a BFR, but all things considered the Devs have done a remarkable job without, it seems, much support from the SOE bigwigs.

    And the other reason that I will play PlanetSide for as long as the servers are up is because fo the people. I’m English and I play on both North American servers and within the diverse community of people you meet you really do form friendships which makes the whole experience a great deal more enjoyable.

    Anyway, great article about a great game. Now lets have a little more publicity!


  • RAZ Says:

    The begining or the end?

    Loved the article and love the game from day 1!!


  • Andrew Says:

    I bought planetside a week ago, and for the first few hours considered getting a refund(even to the point of e-mailling them to see if i was allowed). It was only after a few fellow players gave me a hand in learning the basics that i got into it fully. [they gave up a couple of hours of their time to help me, they took me round all the training sections, explained everything and generally helped me out]

    The teamwork is something id never seen before, people were actually going out of their way to help each other, whether it be dashing across a corridor to revive a fallen commrade, or running over to re-arm you/repair you in the middle of a battle, and then what i put earlier two people spending a few hours of their gameing time to help me out.

    Planetside is great fun, just takes a bit of getting used to, iv had it for a week and have loved every minute of it, and cant wait till i can get back into the thick of it later this evening.

    Werner server

  • Gorath Says:

    I won’t play any other FPS other than Planetside. You just can’t come back from playing it to play anything else. It is an experience like no other. So much to learn, so many great experiences and warstories. The game is good because of the balance the dev team strives for … it isn’t just run and kill but thinking and planning plays a huge role in the success of your session and group campaigns. You join a good outfit and meet ppl from all over the world. And there is nothing like the feeling of a 10 kill run. Boomering an unsuspecting infantry running around the corner, or Plasma spamming a squad of 4 that thinks they are safe to heal up, or a great one-on-one duel with sweeper shotguns, or owning masses of enemies at a good choke point inside a facility. You will not play a better MMO, and I certainly hope Planetside 2 is in the works.

    Thanks — Beau, Gorath on Emerald Server.

  • 007 / Joemomma Says:

    Planetside won’t EVER die.

    SOE made the long-term business decision that in order to promote their “All Access Pass” they would continue to evolve their ‘stable’ of games.

    Already you can get Planetside, Everquest, Everquest 2, and Star Wars Galaxies under the same subscription.

    They used EQ2 to bump up the PS subscriptions, they included SWG to help promote “Jump to Lightspeed”, etc.

    I don’t see SOE dropping planetside until planetside 2 is ready.

  • Aliencode Says:

    I played the beta when it was available but on opening day much as I loved the game I didnt sign up for a subscription because I stubbornly refused to pay a monthly access fee. Currently the price is appealign to me and I really really enjoyed the game during the beta stage. I gaurantee if the game was one tenth as similiar as it was years ago during beta I will be around to play for a long time. Viva la Planetside.

  • Riavan Says:

    I’ve only been playing planetside for a a week now and I love it so much, its replacing tribes2 for me which I’ve been playing for 4 years…

  • Tiger313 Says:

    Been playing Planetside for over 1½ year now and I still love it. Nice to see such a good review of my fave game, just too bad you guys seem to have played VS. NC: Freedom Over Oppression ! :D

  • SirBlemmingtonSmythe Says:

    I as a Senior Officer of Cobalt a Vanu Sovereignity Outfit on the Werner server (European server), have been playing since the introduction of the Beta test for this game. Certain periods of time in this game either greatly increased or decreased the numbers of players on Auraxis, some of these being the introduction of Battle Frame Robots (BFR), the new models of vehicles, the Battle Islands scenarios and others. Yes the game is stuck at the moment for ideas and yes the Werner server can normally only get one continent population lock but and its a big but, this game is the ONLY one of its kind. Where else can you get massive battles where all players are thinking for themselves without any bots involved? Erm…. answer there isn’t any other game. Its a unique experience, you have to be there to believe it.

    I do think that one of the main features of the game is the Outfit experience, if you are playing in a platoon (3 squads), all of the other 30 guys are fellow members of your ‘gang’ its a great feeling to trounce the enemy with the help of your comrades. We (Cobalt) like many of the other outfits use Team Speak as well as the in game chat systems. This allows members to directly converse with each other in real time using voice. This greatly enhances the game and promotes frienship and loyalty, just like being in the armed forces.

    My suggestion to anyone who has never thought about playing Planetside is…. download this freebie trial and have a go. Theres nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Oh yes the monthly fee of around £9.00 is not exactly ‘breaking the bank’ material either. I gladly forego that extra pint a week to play this game.

    If you do decide to come in game, feel free to give me a tell, our outfit will do its best to help you settle in.

    Good luck out there…… your going to need it.

    Sir Godolphin Blemmington-Smythe
    Senior Officer

  • brainbow Says:

    Great review and some great comments!!!

    I have been playing Planetside for enarly 2 years and I can say its the best game I have played on any format. Yes, other games have better graphics, you cant beat the Doom’s, Gran Tourismo’s,Prop Evolution’s and Final Fantasy’s of this world but do you still play them after 2 years?? or even 2 months?? I think not.

    Planetside is great because its real people fighting real people!!! No other game like it unless you like to kill rats. WOW is trying player vs player but if you fight against a guy that is a higher level you dead meat. In Planetside you have a fighting chance, cos its the skill not the level that decides the outcome!

    I’ll be playing until they turn the server off!

    thanks, and try the trial its free!!
    Senior Officer
    Cobalt Outfit

  • DORGO Says:

    I totally agree with Sir & brain, I am a member of COBALT and we have a real good time on PLANETSIDE, i have tried City of Heroes, EVE, WOW, and Martix online and none of the games comes close to Planetside for the playability and flexibility this game affords you, you can play solo if you want or join a sqaud/outfit its up to you how you want to play it……….

  • Emperor-Tuna Says:

    I agree with DORGO, other MMO’s dont seem to have the flexibility that Planetside offers. Except, it can need a bit of patience at times

  • Commander sintillo Says:

    :Transmission Recieved:

    Message addressed to anyone who might recieve it. Please forward to TR MAJCOMMAND HQ.

    War is hell. They told us that, but we didn’t listen. The enemy is powerful. They told us that too, yet we didn’t listen. We were also told that there was no sense in returning our incapacitated comrade to sanctuary, from the distand continent on which he was waiting for our arrival. Do you think we listened? Even now he is healing well, though the fighting has taken a lot out of him. There are more wounded now that the rescue operation has become a futile attempt to get home. We’re not far from it. However, as we go on we have seen more and more of the opposition blight our radars. If anyone can hear me, please respond. Send a Galaxy to Oshur. If you see a red flare, call the cavalry. We’ll die before we surrender…

    :End Transmission:

  • CoDW Says:

    Yes, PS is a very fun game, and their adding more reply value by adding the 3 more battle ranks and new merits… theres practically an endless amount of merits you could go for, especially when the number of kills needed are so high.

    I’ve been playing for about half a year on CoDW on Werner and I’ve gotten to BR16 CR3 since then. This is another great feature, cause when you get bored of one character, just make another. My main is on Emerald NC and hes BR17 CR1. Being able to make several characters on different empires adds a whole lot to the game.

    Planetside is going strong… occasionally you can have a huge 3-way battle with the VS, NC, and TR, which is really fun unless your the empire in the middle of it all.

    A little more weapon balancing and the game will be perfect again. :)

    If you don’t have Planetside…. BUY IT NOW!

  • FrodoFailed Says:

    I have been meaning to play this again for a while… I definitely had more fun with this game than in set- piece single player shooters that aim for the same experience. My name is FrodoFailed (but I forgot what server ;)

  • Spartiate Says:

    I had been interested in this game since it was released, but never looked at it because I was on 56k. Since getting broadband in January I have never looked back.

    This game is a truly amazing experience and has no equal. There is not a single game I can think of that in anyway compares to PlanetSide, or even tries to achieve what it has. This game does not have a genre, it IS a genre. There is no competition at all.

    What another poster said about ‘having 1000 friends’ is absolutely true. After a weeks play you will be unable to walk through i base without seeing someone you’ve squadded with or whos tank you were gunning. The teamwork and spirit of the players of this game is unrivalled.

    Enlist today at http://www.terranrepublic.com and you will never look back…

  • archangelazrael Says:

    all comments say the same thing this game is awesome

    so come on sony get your finger out and support the game the way we have supported the game

  • Dr Chan Says:

    I’ve been playing PS now for nearly 18 months now….still can’t shake it off. I had cancelled my subscription for a few months when I knew I had to take time out from the intense and time-consuming battles of Werner….but I always knew I would be coming back to the vast continents of Auraxis, to experience the new game developments and most of all….play alongside old comrades. True, the game sometimes requires patience but this is another great thing about PS : I’m still learning new things, only this week I learnt to use a neglected weapon (punisher) with a previously unused ammo type (frag) – now PS has surprised me again and I’m enjoying it in yet another way (amongst hundreds).
    “My CS gaming years seem like a distant memory of a childhood toy, now playing Planetside is more like having the satisfactions and pleasures of an adult life!”

    “Fight Hard Soldier!Long Live NFC!”

    BR21 CR5
    Norfolk-In-Chance Werner NC

  • Boris Says:

    Its a great game, although I havent been subscribed for quite a few months. I really ought to go back to it again, unfortunatly I’m currently hooked to World of Warcraft.

    Still, long live Planetside! I used to be ‘Comrade Boris’ and I enjoyed many an epic battle on the game. I was upset with SOE however when I heard that they werent offering the ‘All Access’ subscription deal to Europe (that combined subscription to Planetside with Everquest II and Star Wars Galaxies). Once they do I will consider coming back.

  • Jugulator420 Says:

    Nice to see all of the fan support for this incredible game. I’m currently taking a break from play…but I will be back.

    A note to SOE…please put some resources into advertisement of Planetside.

  • XTR3M3 Says:

    Ive played this game for 2 years now it so cool theres always something to do or some1 to kill.
    i cant wait till next patch and get that free sniper. like ur cite. im from the emerald server
    ,name xtr3m3 send me a tell cya on the battlefields

  • XTR3M3 Says:

    hey im back i forgot to add im TR on emerald name XTR3M3 br 18 cr1

  • Chiling Says:

    PS gets my adreniline going like no other game, period. Whether it’s a run in a Reaver looking for juicy, unprotected targets, an intense battle for the back door at a base, or a drop from a galaxy to knock out the generator at an enemy base, the game keeps me on the edge of my seat.

    Chilng (21/3)
    Raging Primates

  • Jackotheho Says:

    When I bought the game i wanted a 30 day free trial but it says i have to pay for it straight away. How do i get my 30 day free trial?

  • Rossignol Says:

    Your first month will be free – it just wants your credit card details so that they can start billing you if you forget to cancel before the month is up. Well, that’s the theory, i think.

  • Nodrog Says:

    It’s just facinating how many people engoy Planetside. I’ve loved It from when I first started. I look forward to seeing new players.

    See you on the Werner sever!

  • Jackotheho Says:

    if you dont go on for most of youyr fist free month will it count it as part of your month?

  • Rossignol Says:


  • OU812 Says:

    great game and writing

  • DviddLeff, BR25 CR5, The Vindicators, VS, Emerald Says:

    Planetside’s still going strong, despite SOEs best efforts to ignore it and avoid spending money on it to get us more players.

    Generally we see fights in 2-3 areas at a time, but those fights are still bigger than anything in other FPS games to date, 100 or so guys on each side at least.

    We’ve got a new lead developer, the above samhayne quite a month or two back due to frustration with SOE and the original game code it seems, and the new lead dev is rolling out some nice changes now that hes settled in.

    At a recent dev chat it was revealed that we may be getting a no subscription, limited stats promotion that can last for as long as a year. This will hopefully be in before the new year, and will make a huge difference to the game, as with hundreds of more players, theres going to be great fights on every front line.

    If you play, you must join an outfit and use teamspeak, it improves the game so much, you simply get more coordination that way. Theres nothing like rolling five tanks behind, then through enemy lines, you just cant do that in other games.

  • EmeraldBoy Says:

    Planetside is the greatest game of all times!
    You guys should really pick this one up.

    (hey Dvidd, I play Emerald as well)

  • Cyborgmatt Says:

    SOE are just simply milking the game for what it is worth now… If you’re a new comer, or an old comer for that matter of fact don’t be expecting too much, for those that havn’t come across them yet SOE have added ingame ads all over I think ingame there is a total of 800 billboards, the money was suspose to fund planetside but yet the community is still waiting to see any effects of this revenue that has been generate by this mass amount of ads, one example was out of game marketing was promised there still hasn’t been any signs of this happening… The money has appeared to have gone straight into SOE’s pocket or other MMO’s eg: Everquest, also you still have a large number of BFR users in there including the flight vari BFR, the devs have failed to bring back the enjoyment to the game it is just a mass BFR, plasma spam fest which really did kill the game for most vets including myself, if you’re looking for a trial key the site is no longer up supplying keys and SOE have failed to put up a new site for keys as of yet.

    - Cyborgmatt (Ex-PlanetSide Player).