Money Makes The Sky Go Round

Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium:

“Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium is an animated night sky that is also a live representation of the world’s stock markets, with each star representing a traded company. Fed by massive streams of live financial information, the stars glimmer and pulse, immediately flickering brighter whenever their stock is traded anywhere in the world. The stars slowly move across the sky, clustering together or drifting apart in response to the shifting affinities of their respective companies, growing or shrinking as the company’s fortunes change. Digital creatures, a form of artificial life, inhabit this world, feeding on the light released by the stars, breeding, dying and slowly evolving – while trying to learn to live in this strange artificial ecology into which they’ve been born.”

Via, Infothetics, thanks to Jones.

5 Responses to “Money Makes The Sky Go Round”

  • Keir Says:

    My goodness, that’s beautiful beyond words. It’s almost tempting to ramble about the philosophical depth of the thing, until you realise that to write it would spoil the magic. It just demands for you to sit in quiet contemplation of it, with a silly, dreamy half-smile on your face…

  • roBurky Says:

    Aww, I was hoping it was viewable from the web.

  • t Says:

    gah, another data visualizer! but no -seriously i saw it when it was on show at the tate when i worked there, it was a little less impressive in real life, more like a big nice screensaver projected on an expensive parabolic screen. It seemed pretty impossible to actually follow any relationship with stock changes. But then that was a few years back and its probably a few generations on in development by now. Im just of the opinion that weve got too much meta data already, re-representing data in a nice 3d space doesnt really do it for me anymore! ;)

  • Rossignol Says:

    Poor old meta data :(

  • Jazz Says:

    The best part of this is nothing to do with the data visualisation, though – it’s all to do with the genetic algorithm that’s learning to live inside the visualisation. Read more of the info on the site – the planetarium itself is the least interesting thing going on there.