Possible Futures

Sure, I’m going to talk about how great and important these old games were, but what I want you to take from it is that old games have something to teach us about where the future may lie. I am not one of those navel-gazing retro-heads who pines for lost pleasures of yore. No, I pine for the future I was promised by the past. Here’s why.

More Escapist foolery from me. Hey, look! I even manage to make their retro issue all futurist.

5 Responses to “Possible Futures”

  • Pod Says:

    Ground Control is great- the only problem is the silly AI and the fact that there was no real difference between the two armies besides the ordinance used :/

  • DAT500 Says:

    I was a Hired Guns head too, Jim. Fear not.

  • Rossignol Says:

    Three more have come out of the woodwork today. We are legion.

  • Bilco Says:

    I have fond memories of playing Hired Guns with a friend of mine : especially a level where we had to evaporate lemmings-like monsters.

    My friend now earns a living out of having designed outstanding palmtrees for one of Top-Spin tennis court (the one at the beach, naturlich) : seems to me like Hired Guns was a good teacher for any gamedesigner/writer “education”…

  • Christophe Says:

    Midwinter was the first game that blew my mind too, I never completed it, but I never got bored of finding different ways of getting different groups of people together. And i think it was my first sniper-rifle in a game experience… twas a lovely thing, and I don’t think there’s been anything like it since. Pity.