So all quiet on the Rossignol front, then. Or so you’d think were you to gauge the activity in this here region of hypertext as representative of my output in the last couple of weeks. The truth is that I’ve been playing a fuck of a lot of games, and sometimes even writing about them. Hey: it’s my job. I love that. Yeah, I can even sign off days of idling clicking at nothing in Eve Online as somehow My Job. Because it is.

Ah yes. Other games played recently include Age of Empires III, Fable: The PC Version, Darwinia: Buy The Fucking Game, F.E.A.R., Hulk, Battlefield 2, Second Life, Bone, and How Long Can I Sit Here Playing Games Before The Food Runs Out. I like that last one best, but I’m rubbish at it and keep going to the shop for snacks cheats.

I’ve also been smirking at Eno’s Oblique Strategies, which Gillen rediscovered the other day.

[19:29] Kieron: Also, I plan to cook
[19:29] Kieron: And click a Oblique Strategy for the road.
[19:29] Jim: heh
[19:30] Kieron: “Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them.”
[19:30] Jim: !
[19:30] Kieron: Right
[19:30] Jim: The Zen of Eno
[19:30] Kieron: This is going to be an imaginative stir fry
[19:30] Kieron: Hope Jane is okay with it

And so on. I am vaguely tempted to make a gamer’s spoof of this, but that’s some kind of double nerd inversion, and I wasn’t sure that the world was ready.

In the moments when I get a cup of tea and sit in the fading sunshine, I’ve been re-reading a selection of JG Ballard’s journalism, which is actually getting on a bit now, so I hope a new reader turns up soon.

Anyway, there’s a piece called Project For A Glossary Of The Twentieth Century, which was a series of possible feature titles on the subject of the human body that Ballard turned into a list of spoof definitions.

One of those:

Personal Computers Perhaps unwisely, the brain is subcontracting many of its core functions, creating branch economies that one day amalgamate and mount a management buy-out.”


I’ve also come up with some incredible feature ideas for PC Gamer UK. That magazine continues to shine. Watch That Space.

3 Responses to “Hello!”

  • Kieron Gillen Says:

    For the record, she was fine with the Stir Fry.

    Thanks Brian!


  • Alex Hopkinson Says:

    Mmmm BF2, I look forward to weekends when I have time to menace enemy vehicles with the pointy end of my rockets. Or run myself over with a jeep…

  • martin Says:

    Right now I’m mostly playing Guild Wars, which is my first MMO. I should be getting Darwinia soon – I remember the demo being a strange but very enjoyable experience. Perhaps the strangeness was one of the attractions.

    In PC Gamer, the redesign has facilitated larger articles, which is a good thing. Talking about experiences related to gaming renders the fact that some people will have not played the game unimportant. This is also a good thing. Good luck with your feature ideas.