More Battles In The Stars

“You can actually create whatever kind of robot you like, money permitting. The robot has a design template and so you can choose if it has a head, or what kind of gun you want and where on the robot you want it. You can also increase the armour defence of the body or whatever. It’s quite cool. You’re given a lot of freedom. I plan on spending ever penny I have on making the ultimate robot in my next battle. It’ll mean I’m bankrupt again but at least there’ll be loads of wicked EXPLOSIONS and GRAPHICS. It’s a bit weird having a spaced-out fly around and then suddenly finding yourself in an rts battle. I like it though.”

Check out Ste’s some dude from the Triforce forum’s Space Rangers 2 blog:

2 Responses to “More Battles In The Stars”

  • Alex Hopkinson Says:

    Bought this a few weeks back after Kieron’s link to DQ.

    It’s quite fun, but the pair of text adventure missions I got given seemed so impossibly hard to complete, which bugged me (perhaps I’m just too crap). Combat with the Dominators is great though – liberating systems, fending off system assaults etc. Plus there’s certainly lots to do.

  • Kieron Gillen Says:

    You’re crap. Just get a pen and paper.