The World Is Broken

Tom Waits (1999): “This guy from Texas got paid 300 bucks to do me. That was his specialty, anyway, that he does this perfect impersonation of me. And they did this whole thing around “Step Right Up,” and every now and then they would say “Fritos” or whatever. And afterward, the guy felt so bad, he came out as our star witness.”

This morning, as I watched the Constructivist Tesco’s adverts (60 million corpses in the wake of the Communist experiment are no problem for this ad campaign!) I was thinking about how much damage advertising is doing to my soul. Then I found that Tom Waits had been impersonated to advertise Fritos. What. The Fuck.

2 Responses to “The World Is Broken”

  • DAT500 Says:

    “I mean, rob a 7-11″


  • DAT500 Says:

    Anger swelling.

    The decadent nature of the music industry to try to reach its zenith both industrially and artistically through recreating the monetary successes of the global 1970′s artists by any means necessary is constantly depressing.

    I understand that ownership of music is a contentious issue in the music industry, I’ve had my own experiences of publishing deals and the inherent slavery imbued in signing one early in one’s career. I understand that just because they’re using artist X’s music for an advert doesn’t necessarily mean that artist X gave permission or even owns the music. Still, this excessive money sucking makes my blood boil. That an artist could sleep after they’ve made something personally worthwhile, replacing interpretation and personal sentiment with a fucking Budweiser logo.

    Then the hypocritical and marble wall denial of “everyone does/would do it” perpetrated by the entertainment industry, so it’s not open for discussion. Mr Moby is an environmentalist vegan who puts all his tracks from the rubbish, steal a voice and add General MIDI Italian house piano licks AKA ‘Play’, up for advertisers. Any advertiser. Hello Mr Car Manufacturer. Mr Gordon Sting also likes to drive Jaguar cars to the Rainforest.

    When do we reach the Blue Peter Appealometer of enough money? Actually it’s more like judging water levels in ‘It’s a Knock-out’ – artists dressed as giant parodies of themselves, just splashing buckets of cash all over the place.

    Anyway, you’ve made me listen to ‘Step Right Up’ and the rest of ‘Small Change’. So, that’s a good thing.