Nine To Five

Yowzer, as they probably don’t say in the in the modern Beano. I’m back working on PC Gamer for a few weeks, sat grinding the keys on the old staff writer coalface. Gather that internet up into a wheelbarrow and dump it down the production chute. There we go: more information than you can wave a cursory Google at.

Each month PC Gamer writes a short novel about PC Games, 50,000 words or more. The sheer density of what half a dozen people are able to produce is always a delight. PCG itself is one of the most productive teams in the world – foreign licensees buy the pages to fill their own mags, including PC Gamer US, which now seems to be taking a lot of pointers from the Extra Life section.

A few folk have criticised Gamer’s reworked approach as little more than ‘things we found on the internet’, but when you look at the soulful accounts of games loved and lost, as well as the stacks of things that you wouldn’t have found on the net, even if you went looking for them, then you get to see what magazines still do best.

The flipside to all this is that working in the office (which didn’t seem so traumatic when I wrote for the relaunch of Edge Online last year) has demonstrated to me just how much my freelance homelife routine has calcified in the last twelve months. I’ve finally got round to feeling efficient and comfortable, something I no longer feel when confronted with the ticklists of magazine-creating tasks.

Truly, my time has passed.

5 Responses to “Nine To Five”

  • FinalSin Says:

    I think PCG does have a tendency to feel like a website catalogue sometimes, but as you say – the sheer weight of the emotion behind it, and the brilliance of some of the commentary pieces, make it a lot more than that.

    Charming to know you’re back, my dear boy.

  • Fire_Storm Says:

    Welcome back Jim. The mag has been painfully short on “Tanks, like…” comments of late.

    Office work is a crunch after working at home but if provides a great forum for ideas and if you have a friendly environment it’ll motivate.

    But you still can’t beat writing articles on a laptop at home, in your pants.

  • Mr Marsh Says:

    “But you still can’t beat writing articles on a laptop at home, in your pants.”

    Ah, that’s where I went wrong then. I wasn’t wearing pants. And don’t have a laptop.

    I will have to read PCG one of these days. Every time it gets mentioned somewhere, there always seems to be something in it that interests me.

  • Alexander Says:

    Hang on- if Jim’s filling in as a staffer for a few weeks, does that mean that Gamer will be looking for a new, full time staffer at some point in the immediate future?

  • Rossignol Says: