Art’s Urban Algorithm

Substrate, which is auto-drawn using computer generated urban fractal-alikes, created using code by this clever programmer.

There’s a whole lot more on this over at the sublime BLDGBLOG. There the blogger supposes “Alternatively, you could create a videogame that reprograms itself as it’s played – forming new and unique levels, none of which ever repeats itself – and the maps you try to make… look like these.” Which is an element of what Hellgate: London promises… but can it deliver?

2 Responses to “Art’s Urban Algorithm”

  • Tom Edwards Says:

    That’s neat, but doesn’t really conform to what a society of humans might build and certainly wouldn’t be interesting to navigate. If they applied some of the strict rules used to build Islamic cities in the middle ages I’ll bet we’d get some very useful results for games (if only ones set in those regions).

    And doesn’t HG:L use a tile system? That’s the impression I got.

  • bob_arctor Says:

    henon phase deep is amazing, it is like a micrograph of the skin, structured epithelium, or maybe cells merging into bone. Thanks Jim, amazing stuff.