Made In Ink And Incised Into The Skin

Major General Horatio Gordon Robley with his collection of tattooed heads. (Maoris traditionally preserved and kept the tattooed heads of their ancestors, so I guess these ones were going spare).

Via The Proceedings of The Athanasius Kircher Society.

3 Responses to “Made In Ink And Incised Into The Skin”

  • Grill Says:

    I love that blog. If you like shrunken heads, pop along to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford – there’s a nice collection in there, next to the stuffed Dodo(!)

  • sam Says:

    the picture showing the tatooed heads was great . it has historical value , but . also , appeared abit cruel and eerie. but , it goes to show on what premises is our history based upon.

  • Pablo Says:

    Hi there, about the tattooed (Ta Moko) heads. Many of these were traded for muskets. the heads that were traded were typically those of tribal enemies, and it got to the stage where slaves were also ta moko and their heads cut off so that they could be traded with Europeans. This means of currency became so prolific that it became probably the core reason why the art form died out…if you didn’t have a moko then you were less at risk of loosing your head…