Endless Forest

You are a stag, a male deer. So are the other players. You meet each other in an endless forest on the internet. The setting is idyllic, the atmosphere peaceful. You communicate with one another through sounds and body language.

Nightmarish deer-with-human-face MMO-screensaver, The Endless Forest. Beautiful, weird, and a 50mb download. Some interesting ideas at work here – including exploration as an end in itself and emotes as your only method of communication.

I’ll see you there. (I’ll be the deer with the human face).


4 Responses to “Endless Forest”

  • Dominic Says:

    That’s a genuinely interesting idea in gaming, plus the world is beautifully crafted, thank you very much for bringing it to my attention. I am off to explore it some more…

  • always_black Says:

    Yiffing not included.

  • roBurky Says:

    “Yiffing not included.”

    You havent’ been exploring the emotes thoroughly enough.

  • roBurky Says:

    I quite liked this. The lack of chat makes exploring and figuring out how the world works more satisfying than any other MMO-type game, as you can’t be told where to go to get the poppies on your antlers, or how the cooperative magic works.