Lyre Bird

Liar bird? Watch the video:

3 Responses to “Lyre Bird”

  • DuBBle Says:

    Thats absolutely amazing Jim. May I add this to my blog and how? I’m familiar with You Tube but not Google Video – how did you add it? I can’t believe the bird can emulate such complex sound, its stunning. Certainly got a smile from me.

  • Rossignol Says:

    Well you’d need to ask on the Kircher blog, which obviously isn’t this one :)

  • craigp Says:

    I spotted one of these when I was on a rainforest walk in Southern Australia (near Kiama, I think) and prodded Lea to take a photo of it, but she thought we’d see loads and didn’t. It turns out they’re incredibly shy and were lucky to see even one.