Resulting Avatars

Passively Multiplayer is a system for turning user data into ongoing play. Using computer and mobile phone surveillance, a user and their unique history. These resulting avatars can be viewed online, and they interact with other avatars online.

Examples of data: web sites visited, email addresses, chat handles, contents of email or messaging, contents of word processed documents, digital images, digital video, video game moves.

Passively Multiplayer Games

3 Responses to “Resulting Avatars”

  • David Surman Says:

    Nintendo Wii: collecting wii numbers giving access to ‘passive’ mii npcs representing real world players. See also Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the Game Cube; other player characters populate a single common town as residents who provide services such as item sales, smithing etc.

  • The_B Says:

    I was going to mention Spore myself, as the concept seems rather similar. Although this seems on a much broader scale than Spore is, as Spore mainly relates to the data gathered from the activities of one particular game (I.E: itself) – it could be interesting to see a game that adapted to several stimuli, as it were, and descions could be made on your surfing habits.

    Some of the things are in place, abliet seperately, such as Xfire can tell what games you play and how long for, MSN and amongst others can tell what music you’re playing and how often, the XBox 360 website can track players achievements in certain games and of course getting data from websites visited is fairly striaghtforward.

    A marketing company with a keen eye could probably do something to algamate this information, and transpose it into a worthy interactive output, but I guess that’s the hard part.