The Silence Of The Hamsters

I made a remarkable discovery yesterday: Hamsters occasionally emit blood-curdling screams in their sleep. I was working away and suddenly heard the terrible noise of an animal in pain in the hamster cage. Investigating, I discovered our Hamster to still be asleep.

Google reveals that I am not the only person to experience this.

4 Responses to “The Silence Of The Hamsters”

  • DuBBle Says:

    I wonder what to expect of a hamster’s nightmare. Perhaps it dreamed of imprisoning steel bars taking on new meaning. The familiar scent of home being replaced with sharp, soiled sawdust. The once inhibiting glare of Jim is now a distant memory, yet recollection of those piercing, ice-cold eyes is all that keeps McFur’s tentative paws gripped onto hamster sanity.

    Or perhaps it suffered through PC Zone’s reviews.

  • Sarkins Says:

    I reckon it’s afraid of being released into the wild and having to deal with finding food and avoiding predators. Hamsters have it easy. Hamsters don’t have to sit long boring exams for qualifications everyone thinks are basic and crap. Goddamn I want to be a hamster!

  • Sue Says:

    It happened to my previous hamster as well. She was sleeping while I was dosing off on my bed beside her cage. I suddenly heard a screaming noise like it was coming out from a cat (we don’t have cats). I jumped up and looked into her cage, she was still screaming and she was also sleeping! Don’t know what made her scream, but I’m pretty sure she must have been dreaming.

  • Sar Says:

    Aye, our hamsters have full blown fights, and sound like Bruce frickin Lee while doing it.