10 Responses to “FIGHT!”

  • John W Says:

    Oh boy, now I want to see that film all over again.

  • Leanstrum Says:

    That was definitely cool enough to ignore the innumerable mechanical errors.

  • Nick Says:

    Now why aren’t any games doing that? I was a demi-god in Baldur’s Gate and a nano-fiend in Deus Ex, yet I can’t remember downing hordes of henchman in such a cool way.

  • Rossignol Says:

    ‘Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes’ does mass battles quite well.

  • Masked Dave Says:

    But why don’t his trousers burn?

  • Janek Says:

    Asbestos. They were asbestos trousers.

  • bob_arctor Says:

    What film is it?

    Did it come before the matrix 2?

    Mind you the Matrix wasn’t half as cool.

    In DX it was cool when you got super strong arms and fast legs and a dragon sword, rushing people and chopping them up.

    And in Max Payne, especially in mods, you could take people on in damn cool ways.

  • The_B Says:

    bob_arctor: I assume it’s Kung Fu Hustle, if the YT title is correct.

    This, along with Shaolin Soccer, make up the two movies I constantly berate myself for not yet managing to see them all the way through. And I nearly caught SS on FilmFour the other night as well.

  • Nick Says:

    Yep it’s Kung Fu Hustle, and it came out after the Matrix.

    Stephen Chow’s (the cool martial artist/director in this clip) next film sounds great too. Something about a magical toy from space.

    It’s not so much the mass fights that I miss in games, but the complete ice cool way he fights here. They barely register as opposition.

  • Craig Gilmore Says:

    Pah… the fight with the three chaps earlier in the film is better.