Once More: Olbermann Tells It

2 Responses to “Once More: Olbermann Tells It”

  • Lee Says:


    The thing I like about Olberman is that even if you believe everything you see in the media, even if you believe the party line, everything he says is still fiercely true.

    His focus on individual blame is a little misguiding, however. U.S. Government is not just one or two people.

  • Thedood Says:

    Such a bunch of crooks and liars. At this moment, I’m incredulous. Again. And I’ve see so very much worse. In some ways, I’m glad he’s (Bush) gone, but I know that this chain and pattern doesn’t depend on one link. In some ways, I really wish we could collectively elect Bush again just we could get it all over with. Tired of waiting.

    Olbermann has a good way of words, he has a wonderful way of setting up and then punctuating his arguments with bullets of reason.