Married For Money

BBC News:

All married couples would qualify for a £20-a-week tax break under proposals being considered by the Conservatives. It is one of 200 proposals put forward by a Tory policy group headed by former party leader Iain Duncan Smith. Others include higher benefit payments of £32-a-week for married parents to bring them into line with lone parents.

I’d be surprised if Cameron went for this, since it would meant The Conservatives would be living up to their name again, rather than being the ‘Oooh-we-want-to-be-Centerground-too-ists’.

But seriously folks: marriage is a fine, healthy symbol of love and commitment, but why should it be financially rewarded?

7 Responses to “Married For Money”

  • Thedood Says:

    It shouldn’t be. I don’t know where this is coming from. Only low-income families would get any benefit from this, you can’t lure people into a ‘moral’ marriage through tax incentives. It’s a bit fascistic, no? Surely people should marry because they wish to, not because they’re skint. Or am I missing some vital piece of information?

  • Owen Says:

    What I don’t understand is what this would achieve? Will people marry for the extra cash?

    If yes, then is it a good reason for people to marry?

    If no, then why bother?

    If you want to support marriage, say ‘We support marriage’. Hardly rocket science…

  • The_B Says:

    Quick, somebody make an in-law quip!

  • always_black Says:

    Marriage is unnecessary, just find a woman you hate and buy her a house.


  • Iain Says:

    @A-B: Don’t forget the part about giving her half of your income for the rest of your life, too. Actually, half might be a touch optimistic…

    £20 a week is a bit derisory for a tax break, to be honest. I spend more than that on beer.

    I think the whole “we’re going to reward you for doing the morally right thing” concept is just a symptom of how badly modern society has completely broken down. Tax breaks for marriage, giving out iPods for perfect attendance at school… clearly virtue isn’t its own reward anymore. Most people would rather have the cash or toys.

  • Alex Hopkinson Says:

    All of life’s problems could be solved by real world Achievement Points.

  • George Says:

    My understanding is that this is thought of as a good idea because statistics suggest that children with married parents end up ‘better’ along various social measurements than those with unmarried or divorced parents. That’s all fair enough, but it is of course flawed because it has made that classic assumption ‘correlation = causation’.