Charlie Brooker:

Cold, clear, rational thought is the most important thing we have; the one thing that can save us. If I was made Emperor of All Media, I’d broadcast something akin to The Enemies Of Reason on every channel, every day, for 10 years. This is an urgent message that must be heard if we want to survive, as a species. Oh. And I’d also broadcast a load of Tex Avery cartoons, just to show off my lighter side. Man, I loves dat Droopy.

If only all ex-games journalists were as forthright in their quest to punish nonsense.

4 Responses to “BIFF!”

  • F.O.G. Says:

    Masterful and all-crushing. Watching Dawkins lay waste to mediums (‘no, my dead Grandmother hated cats’), dowsers (couldn’t find the water in a scientific test), and astrologists (he gave the ‘results’ of one horoscope sign to people representing all 12- half of them believed the ‘prediction’ related to their life. He was then accused of ‘mischief’ by an eminent astrologer) was ace. Still a massively uplifting subtext, though- the (real) world is what we should celebrating, and a great phrase: ‘Science is the poetry of reality’.

    Part 2 next week. :)

  • TheDood Says:

    If only all ex-games journalists were as talented and classy (in a sense) as Charlie Brooker. I heart youuu.

  • Carey Says:

    Now that I’m offically an ex games journo myself I pledge to punish nonsense in a forthright manner. When not on duty at least.
    For those that use Facebook (fools) my missus has set up a group called ‘The Allies of Reason’ on that damnable social networking site (I remember when we used to call them forums) You should all join it.
    Be warned though, she takes her Reasoning into murky philosophy on the group, suggesting that as Reality might not actually be real anyway the scientific method is only as valid as any other belief system. She suggests that you have to /believe/ that reason and evidence and rationality produce ‘real’ results in the first place – to which i’d counter that ‘real’ means ‘real for us’ and so the point is moot. In conclusion, Meh.

  • Rev. S Campbell Says:

    Of course, it’d be a much more convincing call to intellectual arms if Charlie didn’t also write at least six columns about Big fucking Brother every series.