Jesus is back, Back, BACK!

And he’s a disgraced former MI5 agent. The Daily Mail:

David Shayler is sitting before me – slim, tanned, sockless, dressed from top-to-toe in white and very, very chatty.

“I am the messiah and hold the secret of eternal life,” he starts excitedly. “It all came about quite suddenly.

“First I started meditating, then I learnt how to channel the “light”, and the more research I did – into Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, Kabbalah – the more convinced I became that I was the Christ.”

“I’ve been through stress levels that the average human being could not even envisage and I consider it one of my life’s great achievements to have come through without cracking up.

“It was the messiah complex that got me through, because truth gives you strength.”

It’s good to see that Shayler has come through it all without any problems.

3 Responses to “Jesus is back, Back, BACK!”

  • DuBBle Says:

    Emphasis added?

  • Lee Says:

    Shayler has passed a lot of information about our government into the public realm, that’s why he’s disgraced. Go and read his wikipedia page.

    It’s a real shame he’s a crackpot now, because he’s done some very heroic, important things. A post about his life would at the very least give the joke some context, considering his extraordinary life.

  • Thedood Says:

    Maybe he’ll go along the David Icke path, and this might just be a precursor to something better.