K-Punk speaks my thoughts, exactly:

That ‘old long term’ was symbolised by solid wooden furniture, permanently nailed together, the new era by flat-pack kits. While the rooms change, the objects – heaved from flat to flat – provide the continuity. Records and books are relics of that old stability, the very solidity that is their appeal a problem, a drag, in the age of digital ether. Moving from one rented property to another, from one job (and ‘skill set’) to another, it’s unlikely that I will ever have a ‘home’ in the sense that my parents have one. This provokes ambivalent feelings: I’m well aware that keeping on the move revivifies at least as much as it drains, that the old, limited horizons were constraining, but the thought that there could come a point when I won’t move again is increasingly alluring.

One Response to “Rat-Pack/Flat-Pack”

  • Owen Says:

    I sympathise with this – as I get older moving becomes increasingly troublesome, expensive and difficult, mainly because of those solid items (furniture and books). Although I don’t like my flat, I will stay in it as long as I can as moving is far more hassle.

    Then again migration within the digital age isn’t simple either – how long does it take to get a PC ‘just right’ after an OS reinstall? I’ve got the process streamlined now (Steam backups, app installs, docs and patches on an external drive) and it takes me 4-5 hours…