Jul 30 2007

Beaming His Thoughts And Visage

Comrade Pete points out the best movie plot ever, which is that of Insee Thong, as explained by Wikipedia:

Rom Ritthikrai (Mitr Chaibancha) is at a nightclub getting very drunk and trying to pursuade others to join him in his fun. He is retrieved by his faithful assistant Oy (Petchara Chaowarat). Rom is actually the masked crimefighter, Insee Daeng, or Red Eagle, and he uses the persona as a fun-loving drunkard as a cover.

However, an impostor Insee Daeng (Kanchit Kwanpracha) is committing murders, so Rom must change his masked alias to another color, and he becomes the Golden Eagle, or Insee Tong.

The impostor Red Eagle is connected to the Red Bamboo gang, which is trying to seize control of the Thai government. Red Bamboo is led by Bakin (Ob Boontid), who was trained in hypnotism by Rasputin and is able to kill his intended targets by beaming his thoughts and visage through red ceramic Buddha statues, which are being delivered to various Thai officials. Bakin can also split himself into three images, making it impossible for gunmen to shoot him.

Disguised as Golden Eagle, Rom sneaks into the Red Bamboo gang’s house and discovers that the daughter of an admiral is being held hostage. A police detective, meanwhile, is investigating his own angle on the case, going undercover as a transvestite to infiltrate a ring of transvestite criminals who are in league with the Red Bamboo gang. A case of mistaken identities causes the policeman and Golden Eagle to get into a fight.

The plot comes to a climax on an island in the Gulf of Thailand, with the police racing in on boats to attack a Red Bamboo stronghold.

The mission accomplished, the Golden Eagle takes hold of a rope ladder on a helicopter and is carried aloft and into the sunset.

Jul 28 2007

The Humans Are Dead

Jul 26 2007

Death Cat

BBC News:

A US cat that is reportedly able to sense when a nursing home’s residents are about to die is baffling doctors. Oscar has a habit of curling up next to patients at the home in Providence, Rhode Island, in their final hours. According to the author of a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the two-year-old cat has been observed to be correct in 25 cases so far.

Perhaps William Burroughs was right about the life-taking abilities of moggies.

Jul 21 2007


Scientists have invented a tiny robo-insect:

I’ll be using these to be at your house, right now.

A life-size, robotic fly has taken flight at Harvard University. Weighing only 60 milligrams, with a wingspan of three centimeters, the tiny robot’s movements are modeled on those of a real fly. While much work remains to be done on the mechanical insect, the researchers say that such small flying machines could one day be used as spies, or for detecting harmful chemicals.

Also I got a Wowee Dragonfly for my birthday. It was briefly the greatest thing ever, but now the battery won’t recharge. Needless to say I’ve hacked it open to see how it works and how intend to install a better battery and, possibly, a stronger motor.

At last, toy ornithopters. I am a happy boy.

Jul 15 2007

Okay, Sky

That’s enough rain now, thanks.

Jul 15 2007

More Biologic Bots

An aquatic robot in motion.

Jul 11 2007

Future Shock

While I sort of knew that flying insect-robots were in development, I hadn’t expected to encounter one as I walked to Sainsburys’ through the park.

I just saw one of these nipping through the trees:

Okay, so it’s only a cheap toy, but the sight and sound of a mechanical insect in flight gave me a mild case of future shock.

Jul 10 2007

Married For Money

BBC News:

All married couples would qualify for a £20-a-week tax break under proposals being considered by the Conservatives. It is one of 200 proposals put forward by a Tory policy group headed by former party leader Iain Duncan Smith. Others include higher benefit payments of £32-a-week for married parents to bring them into line with lone parents.

I’d be surprised if Cameron went for this, since it would meant The Conservatives would be living up to their name again, rather than being the ‘Oooh-we-want-to-be-Centerground-too-ists’.

But seriously folks: marriage is a fine, healthy symbol of love and commitment, but why should it be financially rewarded?

Jul 8 2007

Can You See What It Is Yet?

I love Yosuke Ueno’s artwork:


Jul 6 2007

Once More: Olbermann Tells It