Aug 29 2007

Help Me, I Am Weak And Scared

Right, we’re going to need a pretty and far more functionality-clever WordPress template for Butchering a WordPress template was long and arduous, and none of us want to do it again. Can anyone help? Do you know anyone who’s good with web magic? Please let me know. Thanks!

Aug 26 2007

Single Hauz

I should like to own this modernist billboard/treehouse, Single Hauz.

Via Bldgblog, which contains a number of other recent posts about houses on water.

Aug 23 2007

Frog Aviation As Art

Mi-Mi Moscow:

The jump of frog symbolizes thirst of flying.
As genetic magic dream, about that far time,
when frogs were the ANGELS.


Aug 23 2007

Good To Know

New Scientist:

T. rex could catch a human, simulations show

Humans are fortunate not to have lived alongside Tyrannosaurus rex. The most sophisticated computer analysis of the gait of several two-legged dinosaurs suggests that even the lumbering T. rex could have kept up with an athlete. Smaller dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor, could have outpaced the fastest humans with considerable ease.

Aug 22 2007


Seriously, this is impressive:

Via Tom.

Aug 21 2007

The New PC Games Blog

See, there is a good reason why I’ve not been posting here much. Go and read.

Aug 13 2007


Charlie Brooker:

Cold, clear, rational thought is the most important thing we have; the one thing that can save us. If I was made Emperor of All Media, I’d broadcast something akin to The Enemies Of Reason on every channel, every day, for 10 years. This is an urgent message that must be heard if we want to survive, as a species. Oh. And I’d also broadcast a load of Tex Avery cartoons, just to show off my lighter side. Man, I loves dat Droopy.

If only all ex-games journalists were as forthright in their quest to punish nonsense.

Aug 10 2007

Trailer Park Modernists

It’s been a while since I posted any fun buildings, so take a look at the plans for this prefab house.

Ideal if you happen to own a vast tract of savannah.

Aug 7 2007

Instant Update

What am I doing? Writing and listening to Squarepusher’s Vic Acid on repeat.

This is the scene:

Aug 4 2007

A Gentleman’s Duel

EDIT: Aww, it’s been removed.