Oct 27 2007

Happy Weekend, Internet

Oct 21 2007

Remember, Remember

V origami mask.

Oct 11 2007

OF Best Things And Kinetic Sculptures

NPR documentary on Theo Jansen’s Sand Beast sculptures. I tell you, these are the pinnacle of human achievement, right here.

Oct 9 2007

Oh My

Tom found this:

Oct 3 2007

Sci-fi Real Estate

BLDGBLOG has an interview with my favourite architect, Lebbeus Woods

“There’s a kind of lack of discourse about these larger issues. People are hunkered down, looking for jobs, trying to get a building. It’s a low point. I don’t think it will stay that way. I don’t think that architects themselves will allow that. After all, it’s architects who create the field of architecture; it’s not society, it’s not clients, it’s not governments. I mean, we architects are the ones who define what the field is about, right?”