Sep 28 2008

State Of The Rossignol

September 2008.

Current web output:

- Daily posts on PC gaming at Mostly news with mild comment, but some feature stuff steadily emerging too. RPS was a side-project that is fast becoming the only project. It seems to have a life of its own. Frankenblog, all we had to do was come up with the body-parts.

- Fortnightly Gamer Tick columns at Giant Realm. I’m embracing my parasitic nature.

- Monthly Eve Online correspondence at Eurogamer MMO.


- Regular reviews and features for PC Gamer UK.

- Irregular feature work for Wired. My hands-on with LittleBigPlanet is in the latest issue.

- This Gaming Life. My first real book. An eloquent-as-possible brain-dump of notions gathered during a decade of games journalism. The first edition of the exquisitely-bound hardcover is running out. The finest compliment for the book so far came from Quintin Smith: “It’s so rich! Like Chuck Palahniuk rich. The ideas and factoids and anecdotes come so thick and fast.”

It’s a beautiful day here in South West England. I’ve been watching hoverflies pull off miniature stunt routines in my secluded garden.

Sep 27 2008

Infinite Zoom Out Of Chicago

Sep 26 2008

The Perspex Japanese Garden

Sep 3 2008

Tsar Bomb

Set off in 1961 in the Kazakh desert, this is the largest man-made atmospheric explosion in history. 57 megatons.

Sep 1 2008

Death Letter